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I like this site because it is simple and I don't have to work hard at it.
It's not exactly something I'm proud of, and some things don't work right
but, it's for me and I try not to worry about what others think of this site.

I've always loved taking pictures and "recording moments"
With disposable cameras and polaroids and whatnot.
I've only just recently begun to see photography as an art.
I've had a digital camera for a while. 
Starting off with a cheap $99 one that I used the heck out of.
I then moved on to using my mom's Panasonic camera (< 2 megapixels)
It was great to me but it retrospect it was crap.
I sort of knew it sucked because I longed for something more.
A while back, I got a fat tax return and bought myself a "real" camera.
A Dimage 7i.
(angelic music)
I took a few pictures here and there but when I had problems with my CF card, I gave up.
My mom inherited the camera I thought was broken and began using it
Six months later I got interested again and she gave it back.
Since then, I have been taking all kinds of pictures and going crazy with it.
Since March of 2003 till the time this written (December 2005),
I have taken over 9000 pictures.
I still consider myself a beginner, but I think I have taken some good ones thus far.
I welcome any comments and critiqing.
My name is Grant Joseph Walker Jr
My birthday is 10/07/1981
I dig Radiohead.
I live in Homestead, FL
I love Tina Marie Hernandez.
I have 4 awesome and unique children.
Professionally, I am a web designer and entrepenuer:
I am very interested in the stock market.
I used to be a day trader.
I am one half of a super dynamic rock-the-world team that is Radical Thirteen.
also known as The Mexican Dollarhoppers.
also known as the Neolistic Awesomtristics
also known as Shaun and Grant.
mad ups to TH, AR, AG, IJ, JL, SW00S, EW, SS, VV, HA & CA
and last but not least